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Welcome! Thanks for checking out ALTERNATE TAKES.

ALTERNATE TAKES is an effort to broaden the perspective of the jazz discussion, through broadening the spectrum of its contributors,  in an effort to broaden the listenership, support and appreciation of the music.

A different view, an alternate take.

– The Improbable Aficionado

41 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Hi,

    Please send me an email at redcatjazz@mac.com – I am Marcus’ and EJ’s (and Strick Muzik’s) publicist. We should be in touch – I’d like to add you to my database, so please include your mailing address.

    The blog looks fantastic – really well done!!

    Jason Byrne
    Red Cat Publicity
    Tel 347 578 7601
    Email Redcatjazz@mac.com

  2. Peace,
    I cannot say how happy I am to find your blog. I am a Jazz Lover and to find a place where the information will be maintained by my sister, who shares the same appreciation well words cannot express the Joy. I am also a blogger here on Word Press, and for the same reasons. Mainly sharing that side of Hip Hop we grew up on that has been silenced by the mainstream. Now billed “Golden Years of Hip-Hop” 79-97 and current music that’s in that same vein to uplift and educate. Jazz, Reggae, Broken Beat, and Art I try to feature as well. Great Work here with Alternate Takes!!

    Peace & Light,
    e-mail – http://www.blowevibrations.hotmail.com

    • B. Lowe,

      Many, many thanks for the support and encouragement. Your blog sounds very interesting and so timely. I’m looking forward to checking it out. It’s a great thing you’re doing. I agree, we have to broaden the spectrum of people who tell our story, and it should be a given that people of color be largely the narrators of our art. But it could not be more disproportionate. So, I’m trying to do my part.

      Sending you a warm welcome, and much success with your blog. I love real hip-hop and have a real interest in its relation to jazz and bringing back quality hip-hop. I’m working on a piece you may dig on that subject!

      A. Beener

  3. hey again .. I’m jazz photographer based in Europe and I invite you to discover my work if you don’t know it already. I made the official calendar of Sonny Rollins, realized promo shots for Ornette Coleman concerning his Pulizer Prize and a CD Cover for Dave Douglas among other things .. My blog wil be redesigned this week-end. My purpose with my blog is to make discover jazz artists to people across my photos and below my photos some videos. My blog exists since May 2009 and you will find 280 photos and a useful name index in the menu (bottom of the page, right menu) Thanks for your attention 😉

  4. Hi Angelika,
    My name is Kate and I work with Creative Entertainment Group
    (CEG)in New York City. I’ve looked through your impressive blog and I am very
    interested in working with you, as we work closely with jazz musicians. NolaFunk.com, a subsection of CEG, works with New Orleans musicians/bands in promoting concerts around NYC, as we are dedicated to bringing the music and spirit of New Orleans to New York. We are a valuable resource for New Orleans jazz musicians to extend their talents and share the unique music of the Big Easy with the rest of the nation. Please email me at Kaschles@loyno.edu to discuss further. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello Angelika,
    I’m the publicist for Brownman Ali (trumpet player for Guru’s Jazzmatazz, replacing Donald Byrd in that ensemble in 2006), considered an iconic evolutionary jazz artist in Canada, where he now resides (heralded as “Canada’s preeminent jazz trumpet player by the New York City Village Voice magazine). I would like to add you to our database. Please send me an email at andrew@brownman.com .

    I just read your Ari Hoenig article – fantastic & well researched writing. Looking forward to more!


    Andrew McIntosh
    Publicity & Logistics, Brownman Music Inc.
    New York: 718-701-9449
    Toronto: 416-767-9446 Ext. 3

  6. Great blog- I have recently discovered a love for Jazz- and this is a very informative way to help me along my journey. Thanks for sharing

    • I’m thrilled to help you along your journey! That’s really the goal of this blog, and it makes me really happy to share and learn through music. Best of everything as you move along…it’s an amazing feeling to discover jazz! If you like, subscribe and this way you can always stay current with me!

    • WOW! They sounded GREAT!!!! Thanks so much for sending that to me. I hope they go really far. It’s nice to see an a capella group with both men and women singing — wow, they really sounded great. I hope to share more music together!

  7. Wow. Wonderful site – and thanks for hipping me to Marcus Strickland. Looking forward to troving the archives and am looking forward to whats to come. I don’t know if ‘troving’ is actually a word. Anyway, happy Sunday and thanks!

  8. I’m so excited to come across your blog! I am a lover of music in general, but jazz music holds a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see what you introduce me to and all that’s to come in the world of Jazz from Angelika’s perspecitve. As an African American woman living in the D.C. area, I can totally agree that the African American perspective of Jazz has been lost somewhere along the way. Thanks for this.!

  9. Nice site! I am always looking for quality jazz music and it is very difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. We have ONE jazz radio station but they can’t possibly cover everything. I will continue to check in.

    • Thank you for the support! I know what you mean about jazz radio. It’s great and necessary, but it does not core the entire scope of what’s going on…especially with young musicians, I hate to say.

  10. Well done!
    I am positively impressed by your writings; it is a positive ‘anomaly’ as you say.
    I have not searched the whole blog thoroughly, but I would recommend you to check Jaga Jazzist, if you have not done it already. But I do not know if you want to go to the other side of the Atlantic. They are quite avant-garde.
    Take care! .

    • Hi, and thank you!

      I’m a freelance music journalist. Before that, I worked in the record business for about 6 years in marketing and PR. So, through those experiences, I’ve begun to build a name for myself. It’s been slow and steady, and I’m really enjoying the ride. Thank you for stopping by!

  11. Hello Angelika,

    I’ve read a few of your post and they are HOT to say the least. I landed on your blog as I traveled through “tags” (Ambrose Akinmusire). I look forward to reading anything else you have to write.

    Also, I’m new to blogging. Check out my blog when you have time, I think you may like it.


  12. Just discovered your blog thanks to your fine liner notes in Robert Glasper’s Black Radio. The perspective here is so refreshing and reflects what is happening just under the surface in Japan (where it actually makes the charts), Brazil, London, Mali, the U.S., and elsewhere. I can only hope Black Radio makes it onto the U.S. charts and gets extensive airplay because of its solid appeal across the musical spectrum with jazz forever at its heart. All the musics here have been added to exponentially by the collective approach of these artists and Robert’s vision. I’ll be reading your blog faithfully from now on.

    • I’m honored, thank you, Thom. I enjoy your writing very much. I totally agree with you here, and I hope that this artist and album are given all of the opportunities they deserve — the music community will be so much better for it.

      Thank you for your support and readership, Thom!

      Kind Regards,


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