Week #4 Alternate Takes: Album for the Week

Miles Davis’ Nefertiti

This is probably my favorite album from Miles Davis’ second classic quintet of pianist Herbie Hancock, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, bassist Ron Carter and drummer Tony Williams. Nefertiti is the fourth album from this group, and for me, the best. Before this album, the group had already recorded three ground-breaking and ridiculously killing albums: E.S.P., Miles Smiles, and Sorcerer. These albums produced some of my favorite songs like “Footprints”, “Iris”, “Pee Wee”, “Sorcerer”, and “Little One”.  But for me, Nefertiti is just IT! Tune selection, vibe and execution are all unparalleled here. Some of the tunes on this album exhibit some of my favorite solos and playing from these five musicians. Ron Carter on “Pinocchio” is some of the nastiest bass playing I’ve ever heard, for example. Herbie on “Fall” is completely entrancing. A collection of tunes written by everyone in the band (except Miles) the album has something for everybody. It swings like nothing else ever heard when it wants to, it is simply mesmerizing and moody with loop-like tunes like “Nefertiti” and “Fall”.  t’s just a splendid album that I never skip through, never gets old, and is always inspiring. A timeless, brilliant classic.

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